Conversations with our Therapists are...


supportive, individualized, and effective for meeting your unique needs.


After providing counseling services within a variety of agencies across the world, the therapists at Conversations Fairfax Counseling Center (CFCC) have come together to create a counseling environment with high standards for professionalism. We provide therapy methods proven to work. Our therapists are required to be in good compliance with all standards of the counseling profession, and have been vetted for effectiveness. Each therapist working at CFCC brings a unique skill-set as well as a fresh new perspective.

Our Mission is to support our clients in reaching their full potential through ethical and authentic therapy services. There are hundreds of therapists claiming to be effective in creating change, alleviating symptoms, and supporting their clients. The therapists at CFCC are chosen based on their balance of academic achievements, counseling experience, authentic personality attributes, and successes with clients. We require our therapists to “practice what they preach” as we screen to ensure that what our client’s experience in a session is an authentic representation of who the therapist actually is as a person.

When you reach out to a therapist at CFCC, you can feel confident that you will be speaking to a qualified therapist who has a proven track record of being very good at what they do with a genuine care and respect for you as a client.

The Therapists at Conversations Fairfax Counseling Center LLC function independently of one another to make up a small group practice with a team environment.